How many times have you moved to a new residence?

Maybe it’s once. Maybe it’s three times. Do you feel like a professional yet?

Instead of hiring professional movers, many people choose to move themselves, but while throwing towels and books into a box is one thing, the challenge of moving gets much harder when you’re dealing with large, oddly-shaped, or expensive/fragile items.

There are some house movers who treat every job the same way. They show up at the appointed time and start shoving furniture into the moving truck. At Out of the Box Moving Solutions, we make every effort to treat your belongings with the same respect we treat our own.

That’s why we recommend Special Handling services for those items that travel more safely when fully dismantled or specially packed.

When you choose Special Handling services from Out of the Box Moving Solutions, we’ll a professional carpenter to dismantle, remove, or uninstall:

  • Flat screen TVs
  • Cribs
  • Custom furniture built for your home (bookcases, etc.)
  • Overweight items (100 lbs or more)
  • Oddly shaped furniture
  • More!

If you request this professional mover service, the carpenter will assemble/install the item in your new home, too.

FYI: Movers will do basic disassembly (like unscrewing legs from a sofa) for no additional charge. Availability and fees vary.