Once you’ve decided to move into a new house or apartment, a lot of time is spent researching a moving service and the best way to go about packing boxes, but did you know that you can also hire us for home packing services?

That’s right! Out of the Box Moving Solutions has professional movers who will come to your current residence to professionally wrap and pack your belongings.

How the OOB Moving Home Packing Service Works:

  • Our professional movers will schedule an appointment with you one to three days before your scheduled move.
  • You will identify if you want your entire home packed or only specific rooms put into packing boxes.
  • Let our professional movers know if you want our “Mirror Image” service. A member of the team will photograph each room so that the original set-up can be perfectly recreated at your new home.

How the OOB Moving Unpacking Service Works:

  • As soon as your belongings are brought into your new home, the unpacking help begins! Our professional movers will carefully unbox and unwrap your belongings and place them in the home location of your choice.
  • Use the time you gained through our moving service to explore your new neighborhood and introduce yourself to the neighbors!

Unpacking Service Is Available to Everyone!

If the thought of having professionals pack and unpack for you sounds like a service only reserved for the rich and famous, think again! When you couple our packing service with our moving box delivery service, you will find that OOB Moving has essentially taken the stress out of moving and packing for everyone! Packing for a move doesn’t have to be a chore, especially when you can have someone do the work for you.

Contact us for a packing and unpacking quote today!