Do you ever feel like your stuff is slowly taking over your home?

Perhaps you were fine living in a one bedroom apartment in your 20s, but now you’ve got a spouse and a new child.

Suddenly spaces that use to be clutter-free are crammed full of stuff and you just don’t know what to do with it all!

As your storage solution specialists in Commerce and the surrounding areas, the team at Out of the Box Storage Solutions feels your pain. Here are some of our favorite storage solutions to help make a tiny space feel more organized.

Think Vertically

Horizontal shelves and surfaces aren’t the only spaces that can be used for storage. Instead of thinking sideways, think vertically. Hang racks on the back of doors or use tall, slender baskets and bookshelves to elongate your storage space.

Exploit Your Nooks

When you’re searching for storage solutions, no nook can be left unused! Is there unused wall space above your sink or toilet? Hang some light-duty shelves! Is there a gap between your washing machine and laundry room wall? Use it to hang the broom and mop!

Don’t Be Afraid To Store Things Out In The Open

Far too often we think of storage solutions as places we can put things “away.” But sometimes the best place to store something is right out in the open. Think about ceiling racks where you can hang your pots and pans, or small baskets for plastic wrap and aluminum foil that can be attached to the side of your kitchen island.

Still Don’t Have Enough Space? We Have Affordable Storage Solutions!

If you just really need to get some stuff out of your tiny house POST HASTE, contact us about storage solutions in Commerce. We offer secure, affordable storage facilities where your things will be safe until you’re ready to deal with them.