Getting ready for a long-distance move is both exciting and intimidating. While you’re excited to be off on a new adventure, starting a new chapter of your life, you’re a little intimidated at the prospect of packing up everything you own, including your pets.

As the preferred long distance moving company in Commerce, California, we’ve helped many people who own dogs navigate the often stressful tasks that go along with a long distance move.

As a professional moving services company in Commerce, we know all the different tasks and tricks that go into a successful move. We’ve got the bubble wrap for your dishes, the big boxes for your wardrobe, and the special handling skills necessary to make sure that giant antique mirror arrives at your new home unscathed.

But we can’t do these things for your dog. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best long distance moving tips for people who have dogs as pets. We hope they help you make the move as easy as possible for little Fido or Fifi!

Don’t Forget To Walk Your Dog

Maintaining your dog’s routine as much as possible during the packing and unpacking phase will help them to feel less anxious.

Pack Your Dog’s Stuff Last

Your dog relies on the familiar smells of home to let them know that everything’s OK. If you pack up the dog bed and all the toys first thing in the morning on moving day, he or she will feel very anxious and unsure about their surroundings.

Arrange Pet-Friendly Accommodations Along The Way

A truly long-distance move will likely require you to stay overnight at a hotel. You’d be surprised at how many of our moving services customers forget that the can’t simply bring their dog everywhere they go. Make sure you call ahead to scope out dog-friendly accommodations that will allow you and your pet to get some much-needed rest during your long-distance move.

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