You landed your dream job. Congratulations!

There’s only one small problem: your new company is located in another state. Instead of only preparing to have a new boss and new coworkers, now you also have to prepare to move everything you own into a new home.

You might start to feel a little anxious or panicky, but don’t.

Out of the Box Moving Solutions is experienced in long distance moving, and provides all the services you need to have peace of mind when starting on your new adventure.

Unfortunately, not everyone hires us for their long distance moves. We’ve often had to clean up the mess left behind by other moving companies who aren’t experienced with the unique challenges posed by a long distance move. Let us help before it’s too late! Here are some signs that you may have hired the wrong long distance moving company.

They didn’t provide an in-home estimate.

It’s absolutely essential that whomever you hire for long distance moving sends a qualified representative to your home before they provide their final quote. Yes, it’s possible to provide a ballpark figure over the phone or email, but until we see the number of rooms in your home and the types of items they contain, we won’t give a hard estimate. This allows us to eliminate any delays or surprises!

This is their first long distance move.

Moving to a new state isn’t the time for new moving companies to gain experience. Your belongings and sanity are too important to put into the hands of an inexperienced moving company. We’ve assisted many different residential and commercial entities with their long-distance moves, ensuring that we know how to deal with the challenges that are bound to arise.

They only have one size truck.

You wouldn’t buy one-size-fits-all jeans or a one-size-fits-all car, so why hire a long distance moving company that only offers one size truck? It’s important that you have the right size truck so that your belongings can remain as secure as possible.

Want to see why Out of the Box Moving Solutions is the trusted long-distance moving company in California? Contact us today!