Long distance moving can be very stressful for your entire family. There’s the planning, the packing, the finding of new jobs and registering at new schools. As humans we can often get so caught up in all the ways that long distance moving affects our lives, that we sometimes forget that it’s also quite a big deal for our pets.

If you’re planning a long distance move into or away from the Commerce area, you should know that Out of the Box Moving Solutions is a local moving services company that has long-distance reach. Our reliable trucks and experienced long distance movers can take you just about anywhere you want to go!

Keep reading to learn how to make long distance moving easier on your cat or cats, then contact us for a Quick Quote for long distance moving services!

Introduce Your Cat To The Carrier

During a long distance move, chances are your cat will be spending a lot of time in their carrier. This keep them safe as well as the human passengers in your car. Set the cat carrier out in a place where your cat can approach, sniff, and maybe even lay in it during the weeks leading up to your move. This will help them to be more comfortable.

Let Them Sniff The Moving Boxes

It’s also a good idea to let your cat get acquainted with the moving boxes before you start packing. New items and smells can make a cat feel nervous, so the longer they’re in the home, the better. If your cat is bothered by the action once packing starts, allow them to snooze in a closed bedroom.

Maintain Their Routine As Much As Possible During A Long-Distance Move

It won’t be easy during a long distance move, but try to maintain your cat’s routine. If they normally eat at noon and 5 pm, try to put some food in their cat carrier at these times. Also be sure to speak in kind, reassuring tones to your cat throughout the trip. This will remind them that they are still safe and that you are taking care of them in this strange place called “the car.”