No matter how small your house is, packing is always going to be a bigger job then you think it is going to be. Nothing is ever as easy as you think and that can cause you more stress than you need. A moving company like OOB Moving Solutions is here to help by giving you a list of mistakes many people make when it comes to moving. We recommend you take the steps necessary to not make these mistakes.

No plan

Many people start packing without a solid game plan. They will start packing anything that they can get their hands on. Packing will take you days if not weeks and if you don’t have a game plan, you may pack something that you are going to need before you move. Try making yourself a calendar to follow so you stay on track.


The thought of having to pack everything up can be overwhelming and can cause most procrastinators to put everything off until the last minute. When you do this, everything gets thrown in a box, incorrectly labeled and not wrapped properly. The only way to prevent unnecessary stress and damage is to start packing right away, even if it is a couple of boxes a day.


Many people think that they can just put everything in a box and sort it when they get to their new home but this is the wrong way to go about moving. If you just put everything you own into boxes only to get rid of it when you move, you are going to pay more in supplies and add to the cost of moving it. If you get rid of the unwanted items before you move, you save yourself the hassle of having to move them. In addition, you can make a little extra money by selling off the items you aren’t going to move.

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of mistakes that people can make. At OOB Moving Solutions, we want to help make this process as easy as possible. Call us today to help you with your moving needs.